Trade Terms

(Your new language / vocabulary)

Collaborative Wiki

In this collaborative Wiki, each student will create descriptions for Trade Terms.

(There are a great many trade terms you will need to be able to recognise.
Some may be easily recognisable and some may cause you difficulty.)

The Unitec CAT Theory CD/ MS-Word document has many trade term descriptions.
It may be a good place to start.
Student share drive: H:\APSK\MarineTech\CAT\CAT Theory CD

In this 'ongoing' exercise, you are to:

Construct a dictionary of trade terms from our own efforts , experiences, or enquiry.

As time goes by you'll recognise that there are many trade terms that are not included in the Unitec CD/MS Word doc. From this point onwards you are challenged to build your own descriptions.

It is encouraged that students' discuss their descriptions with peers.

Find or produce a sketch, diagram, autoCAD drawing, photo or video visual aid and embed this into the wiki.

This helps to identify the trade term and may support and clarify your written text description.